Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Belmont, Wisconsin Meteorite - Connection to the Roswell UFO Incident

A connection to the Roswell UFO Incident. Named for the original capital of the Wisconsin Territory, the Belmont meteorite was struck by a plow as a farmer cleared his field in the spring of 1958.  In 1960, it was identified as a meteorite by W.A. Broughton, a professor of geology at the former Wisconsin Institute of Technology and Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, founding Director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. Dr. LaPaz witnessed two UFOs only days after the famous Roswell UFO incident and purportedly was called into interview witnesses and determine the flight path of the recovered craft. Dr. LaPaz was also interviewed by Project Blue Book’s (yes this is the current TV show on History Channel) Dr. J. Allen Hynek about a UFO landing in Socorro, New Mexico. Our slices at Mile High Meteorites were sectioned from the meteorite mass that was acquired by Dr. LaPaz that currently resides in the collection at the Institute of Meteoritics.

232 gram slice of the Belmont, Wisconsin meteorite sectioned from the LaPaz mass 

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